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Our story began in 2018 when author Harold Phifer was compelled to tell his heartening story through his first publication, Sleepwalking Out of Afghanistan, Walking It All Back. Harold’s passion for writing prompted a desire to engage and inspire others through books and stories (“Read & Relate More”). Coming from a difficult past filled with family tension, childhood bullying, mental illness, and feeling like an outsider, Harold found escape and solace in writing, learning, reading, and growing in self-reflection. He found comfort in books.

Meet Our Authors

Picture of Harold Phifer

Harold Phifer

Harold Phifer was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi. His first twenty-five years were spent entirely in his home state. After graduating Mississippi State and Jackson State Universities, he became a highly specialized air traffic controller, living and working as an international contractor, serving numerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Harold is the author of his memoir, Sleepwalking Out of Afghanistan, Walking It All Back and the follow-up, an expanded autobiography, Surviving Chaos: How I Found Peace at A Beach Bar.

Picture of Dean Conan

Dean Conan

Dean Conan grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with a single mom and an absent father. It was his relationship with his mother that strengthened his character as a gentleman. His mother moonlighted as a blues singer during his early years. She would take little Conan to nightclubs as her way of keeping an eye on him while she worked. It was these seedy bars that inspired Conan to go into show business. When Hollywood failed to take him in, he tried to break into the modeling industry. Yet, Conan didn’t have the physique nor the flair to remain in men’s fashion, so he took to the mic as a comic. It didn’t take long for Conan to find out being in comedy wasn’t his niche either. He finally decided to pick up a pen and write fictional stories about his love life, friendships, and international travels. Fool Me Thrice, Money Changes Everything, is Dean’s first novel.

Read & Relate More

Today, Rise and Read Free Press is continuing its mission with two authors and three published books. Through social media and LIVE events, Rise & Read is gaining traction, opening doors to personal growth and self-discovery through books. We ask for your support by simply reading, reviewing, and recommending our books to fellow readers who appreciate raw nonfiction and edgy fiction.

We’d love to hear from you! Reader feedback is always welcome. Follow us on social media and “tag” us with your story about how you Read & Relate More. 

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