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Welcome To Rise & Read Publishing

Rise & Read Publishing is a small, author-created publishing label with the purpose to share stories and expand perspectives through reading and expression. Our books are soul touching fiction and non-fiction tales of struggle, perseverance, overcoming temptation, greed, and more.

We all have a story to tell, and a connection to each other. Together, we can Rise Up as we enrich each reader’s consciousness.

Inspire, Challenge, and Entertain the reader’s soul.

A Book For You

Our current publications by accomplished authors, Harold Phifer and Dean Conan, connect with their readers on many levels. They have walked in your shoes, experienced your pains, felt your highs and your lows. Harold and Dean have risen from nothing to tell their stories, to touch and move you, to connect with your innermost thoughts.

We invite you to Rise, Read, Relate, and Repeat.

Fool Me Thrice: Money Changes Everything

Charlie Mo is incompetent, reckless and has a penchant for gold-digging women. The worst possible combination of character traits for a young man who inherits two million dollars plus the family business. It doesn't take long before he loses his inheritance and finds himself working a job as a regular and struggling to pave...

Surviving Chaos: How I Found Peace at A Beach Bar

For more than fifty years, Harold Phifer's childhood living conditions remained a secret, even from those who thought they knew him best. No one knew about his past growing up with a mother who suffered from mental illness; a greedy, controlling aunt; a mindless and spoiled older brother; an absent father. It wasn't until...

Sleepwalking Out of Afghanistan, Walking It All Back

I found myself caught in the middle of the biggest vehicle explosion to ever hit Afghanistan.While dealing with injuries and destruction, my mind kept spinning out of control from war horror to the horrors of my dysfunctional past. I did my best to replay my personal ordeals and the reactions of people around me...

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